4 Famous Cities to Inspire Your Bridal Shower

We get inspiration from a number of different sources, but look to some of the most beautiful cities in the world to inspire your bridal shower decor, food, and atmosphere.


Paris always comes to mind when you think of romantic cities. Capture the elegance and allure of Paris by sending out Eiffel tower invitations, indulging in some champagne, and creating a patisserie cake and dessert bar for your guests to enjoy. To lighten the atmosphere, create banners with simple French phrases on them such as “Je Taime” for “I love you” and “Amour” for “Love.”


Not everyone may think of Rome when choosing a bridal shower theme, but the city is filled with history, architecture, and an ample selection of delicious food. Treat your bridal shower guests to some authentic Italian cuisine, a nice bottle of wine, and some patio festivities. Stick to the Rome theme by creating “When in Rome” place settings and invitations along with map crafts and centerpieces for your guests to enjoy.


London offers a number of options for the English-loving bride-to-be. Model your bridal shower after a Sherlock Holmes mystery where guests have to work together to solve a puzzle, or make your party magical with a Harry Potter and Hogwarts theme. If you want to throw a celebration that resembles real life London, incorporate the union jack and a photo station that looks like the world famous telephone booths in England.


Expand your horizons with a Tokyo-themed bridal shower complete with painted kanji decorations, paper lanterns, and chopsticks to set the tone for the party. If you’re hosting a dinner, invite your guests to sit on the floor and enjoy a delicious and culturally rich experience. For your bridal shower activity, teach your guests how to make simple origami shapes so they can take them home as a token from the party.
You don’t have to worry about the inconvenience or expense of a destination bridal shower if you craft your celebration around some of these beautiful cities and cultures.

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